Per-Capita consumption of Stainless Steel in India is 1.8 kg. The stainless steel demand is going to increase in India because of these reasons, Emergence of new volume areas like Railway wagons for ferritic grades, Government plans to completely shift over to Stainless Steel for manufacture of all Railway coaches in the country. Street furniture in a large number of cities going stainless. A huge market Demands of Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube is going to increase so is steel pipe and tube polishing machine. Steel demand in India is expected to grow by 5.4 per cent to 83.8 million tonnes (MT) in 2016 on the back of low oil prices, reform momentum, the World Steel Association (WSA) said today. As per the Stainless Steel World report Steel consumption will grow by 8 to 10% in next 2 years.

The global industry body has also forecasted that demand in the world’s third largest producer will again grow at 5.4 per cent to 88.3 MT in 2017. To be sure, there are a number of obstacles hindering the realization of the country’s immense potential, ranging from bureaucracy and power shortages to pollution and poor infrastructure. But with the new Indian government’s commitment to introduce much-needed reforms, domestic demand for stainless steel may soon explode. What’s more, some of the problems facing Indian economy can be seen also as opportunities. Foshan MaxDo Machinery Co. Ltd is will be the growth partner of India in Stainless Steel Industry. We are leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machines in India, and we’ll support and supply to all the stainless steel tube and pipe manufacturers in India. Our Services and support are excellent and 24/7. Our technician and consultant will help you in every step of steel polishing and making process. We will train your staff until they become competent enough. Let us help India to become strong stainless steel product manufacturing nation as we helped our country to become number 1 in world.

We are Foshan based leading Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine Manufacturer company in China, and our steel polishing products have high demand in India because of our after sales services and product quality. If you are a ss tube and pipe manufacturer in India, contact us for Steel Pipe polishing machinery for affordable price.

Stainless Steel End use in India

70% Metal Products
10% Process Industry
5% Transport
5% Construction
5% Engineering
2% Electro Mechanical
3% Others

According to media reports and also industrial sources, the innovative uses in existing and new applications areas especially in kitchen, automobiles, railways, malls, multiplexes, construction and furniture industries etc. will drive the demand of stainless steel in India. MaxDo Machinery is a leading Manufacturer of Round Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing, Square Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing, Industrial and Rectangular Steel pipe polishing machinery. We also supply the parts of these machines.

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