MaxDo Machinery is a leading Stainless Steel pipe/tube polishing machine manufacturer and supplier in India. We offer high-quality SS pipe/tube polishing machine to meet the requirement of our Indian customers. Bright Polished Stainless Steel Tube and Polished Schedule Pipe is increasingly specified in architectural applications for structural and aesthetic reasons. Indian Stainless Steel pipe and tube manufacturer and contact from inquiry page of the website and we will get back to yours. Check out our products section for more details about our polishing machinery.

The machine can be applied to polish the surface of mass pipe/tube. With the simple, prompt, and safe operation, it can make pipe/tube surface more shining to increase the value of the product and consumer demand. The machine can polish for round tube, square tube, and flat square tube.

Cost Savings:

Saves labor and consumables costs on expensive in-shop mechanical hand polishing, and increases your workshop productivity.

MaxDo Machinery is known for its precision functioning, High efficiency, Compact and rigid design & Long service life.
Steel Pipe and Tube Polishing Machinery Features:

High efficiency, Compact and rigid design, Durable & Long service life
Easy to operate.
Easy to replace the polishing materials, save working hour and increase efficiency
SS pipe/tube Polishing process:
Automatic production line: feeding, polishing (flap wheel, jute abrasive wheel, cloth wheel, wind cloth wheel), plus polishing wax, discharge and other technics.

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