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Stainless Steel Pipe Water polishing machine


“Stainless steel pipe water polishing machine is mainly used for polish the surface of stainless steel pipe mirror finish or satin finish.Whole machine waterproof processing,safe and reliable.effect is good,polishing the water before throwing,the polishing process is obvious,reduce cost,improve the finish.

1.The chassis plate parts,the whole welding machine,aging treatment, the whole machine is strong, the effect is good
2.Increase the waterproof cover, waterproof effect is good
3.The host used frequency conversion motor speed, power saving and stability
4.The whole machine waterproof processing,safe and reliable

Technical Parameters

Model Working Range Polishing speed(m/min) Motor power(kw) Rated power(kw) Speed Control Mode
MS-12 F5*5-F100*100 0-35 5.5KW*12 70 Control by variable frequency motor
MS-12 F5*5-F100*100 0-35 4.0KW*8 36 Control by variable frequency motor


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