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Square Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine


Stainless steel square pipe polishing machine is mainly use for (square pipe,shaped pipe) pipe surface polishing and grinding:

1. Handwheel adjustment,easily operate,improved working efficiency
2. Heightening motor,easy for maintenance and replacement
3. Thick steel plate whole welding,more firmer
4. Installed devetail slider, polishing smoothly, polish effects better
5. Steel plate milling & aging treatment
6. Speed controlled by frequency conversion motor, power saving

Technical Parameters

Model Working range(mm) Polishing speed(m/min) Motor power(kw) Rated power(kw) Speed control mode Machine size(L*W*H)mm
MS-32M F5*5-F100*100 0-35 4.0*20+5.5*12 151.5 Variable frequency motor speed regulation 13200*1500*1450
MS-32L F5*5-F100*100 0-35 4.0*12+5.5*20 163.5 13200*1500*1450
MS-36 F5*5-F100*100 0-35 4.0*16+5.5*20 179.5 14600*1500*1450
MS-36L F5*5-F150*150 0-35 5.5*20+7.5*16 237.5 14600*1550*1450


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