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Round Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine


  1. Main motor adopt frequency conversion and gear reduction,
  2. Stable and durable,easily operate,low failure rate.
  3. Grinder shaft blackening treatment,with duplex bearing, high speed
  4. With Box-type structure,exhaust duct and dust collection box.
  5. Heightening motor, easy replace and maintenance.
  6. Big round pipe polishing machines using middle rubber roller to reduce
  7. Friction ,without scratch,and get better polishing effect,cost saving.
  8. Broad-spectrum, for both mirror polishing and stain finish.

Technical Parameters

Model Motor power(kw) Lifting declining motor power(kw) Rated power(kw) Working size(mm) Polishing speed(m/min)
MG-10 10*7.5 10*0.1 88 102-325 0-25
MG-10 10*5.5 10*0.1 68 63-215 0-30


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